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MARSEC (Only Filipino Operators)

Publicado: mayo 4, 2017 en 5-ASIA


Filipino Maritime Operators


•             Criminal Record Check

•             Proof of commendable military service (at least 5 years’ experience)

•             Military Discharge Certificate

•             SSO certificate

•             STCW95 (All four modules – Fire Prevention and Firefighting & Personal Survival Techniques must have been completed within the last 5 years)

•             Weapons Competency Certificate (Received within the last year, showing use of 7.62 semi-auto weapon, shot at a distance of at least 300m, with clear scoring on the certificate)

•             Passport (with at least 1 year remaining validity)

•             Passport Size Photo in JPEG

•             Seaman’s Book (with at least 1 year remaining validity)

•             ENG1 Seafarers Medical or equivalent

•             Yellow Fever vaccination certificate

•             Psychometric test

•             Drug and Alcohol Test

•             2 references from previous employers in relative fields

•             Medical training certificate (such as Tactical Combat Casualty Care Rescue or Basic Trauma Medical Care).

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